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Online training film - 6,5 hours - 30 chapters


With this Training film, you can quickly acquire the basics of ArchiCAD

Through a sample building, you can follow the process step by step and see the various stages in both 2D and 3D while also learning the most important functions.

You will find the basic operations in this training film relevant not only if you use the new generation of ArchiCAD (AC10 or later but) also in the case of older versions as general concepts and rules will be discussed.


Online training film - 4,8 hours - 25 chapters


These films will complete the Basic Training in the following ways:

1. You will learn about the improvements and basic concepts of ArchiCAD 10 and 11 (these are the basic operations of ArhiCAD 10 and older versions)

2. You will learn how to create and manage the 2D and 3D plans of the building in ArchiCAD 10 or later versions (section, elevation, interior elevation, details, list, layout).


Online training film - 6,9 hours - 40 chapters


These films will give you extra knowledge based on the Advanced I training film.

1. You will learn about the setting options and usage of the whole program in an advanced level. These films will refer to ArchiCAD 12 or later versions.

2. You will also learn about the 3D documentation as well as about the new data export using the principles of partial structure function.

Online training film - 2,0 hours - 8 chapters


These films will teach you how to use the curtain wall tool. Curtain wall is a universal tool, which can help you create walls, roofs, or you can model any structure of the building.



Online training film - 60 hours - 6 chapters


Since ArchiCAD 14, options for library management have been significantly improved. There are two main concepts:

1. You can learn about the embedded library that is very important in the case of custom library objects.

2. You can also learn about the concept of merging libraries, which is important in order not to duplicate library objects.


Online training film - 3,2 hours - 22 chapters


We recommend you these training films if you want to use all the functions provided by ArchiCAD 13: Project North, Menu imporvements, Publications, Home storey improvements, Publishe Sets, Oriented View, Interactive Schedule (flexible settings, Graphic options, Rules of calculation, Schedule and Layout relation), Automatic dimensioning, Fill enchancement (Soft insulation, Cover fill, Gradient fill improvements), Slab and Roof edge custom settings, Ruler, Dynamic "Fit in Window" Zooming, Improved "Find &Select function", Boundary Contour, Steel profiles, DWG Exchange



Online training film - 70 minutes - 9 chapters


We recommend you these training films if you want to use all the functions provided by ArchiCAD 14: XRef, Drawing tool, DWG Improvements, Saving the marquee area, Offset commands, Text field improvements, Find&Select Improvements, Mesh from surveyors data, Other improvements.

Online training film - 70 minutes - 7 chapters


With ArchiCAD 15, again a new era started and the second wave of ArchiCAD new generation was introduced. ArchiCAD 15 includes the improvements of guide lines and the 3D editing, the multi-plane roof and shell elements, Skylight and Library. Usefull new function: Renovation.


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