Our company, ModiStudio Ltd. has been dealing with the distribution of the ArchiCAD program developed for architects since 1994. Today, no one disputes the fact that there is a direct connection between our ArchiCAD educational practice and the exceptionally high prevalence of the ArchiCAD program in Hungary! Evidence of this is that in no other country in the world has an unprecedentedly high, authoritative estimate of more than 75% usage coverage been achieved among users of architect CAD software! It would be obvious to link this to the fact that the ArchiCAD program is a Hungarian product, so it is obviously more successful in Hungary. All you have to do is click and you can immediately personally verify the truth of our claim…

Our online ArchiCADGURU site from anywhere in the world is designed to fill a long-standing gap: namely, to be able to learn to use ArchiCAD in distance learning at home!

We sincerely believe that the true value and comprehensive knowledge of ArchiCAD can be authentically demonstrated on our ArchiCADGURU site, and even the professional use of the program can be safely mastered through the theme, structure and system of our educational material!

We promise that when building a complete building, you will not only learn to use the program, but will also discover its philosophy unnoticed and learn about the connections within the program!

During playback, movies can be stopped anywhere, and in ArchiCAD, which runs in the background, you can try and practice the parts shown. If you don't already have a program, you can download the version that's right for you at www.myarchicad.com.

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Architect, business executive

Attention! The product is the property of our company, so we reserve all rights in it!

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